Spring 2024
4/20 Nonabelian anyons and fractional quantum Hall families Speaker: Carolyn Zhang slides
4/5 The Quest Towards Neutrino Physics at Ultra-High Energies Speaker: Miaochen Jin
3/22 Physics behind Japanese movies & Towards understanding black hole non-equilibrium thermodynamics Speaker: Prof. Koji Hashimoto & Daichi Takeda
3/9 Cosmological first order phase transition and Gravitational wave Speaker: Jinzheng Li
2/24 Predicting Arbitrary State Properties from Single Hamiltonian Quench Dynamics Speaker: Zhenhuan Liu
2/17 Magic in the Frontiers of Quantum Science Speaker: Kaifeng Bu
Fall 2023
12/9 Emergent spacetime from quantum information Speaker: Prof. Xiaoliang Qi
11/18 Quantum Entanglement Phase Transitions and Computational Complexity: Insights from Ising Models Speaker: Hanchen Liu slides
11/4 Local minima in quantum systems Speaker: Prof. Hsin-Yuan Huang (Robert) slides
10/14 The Crawling Chaos: Random Geometry approaches to Quantum Gravity Speaker: Wanli Cheng
10/7 Ultracold molecules and magnetic control of chemical reactions Speaker: Hongyin Liu slides
9/23 What is 10^10 times smaller than us? Probing atomic motions through neutron scattering Speaker: Jingxuan Ding slides
Summer 2023
7/29 Quantum information Speaker: Feng Qian
7/8 Magic from a quantum convolutional approach Speaker: Kaifeng Bu slides
6/24 Measurement Induced Entanglement Phase Transition Speaker: Prof. Xiao Chen
6/10 How can human scientists survive in the time of AI? Speaker: Ziming Liu slides
5/27 Quantum Entanglement in Gravity Speaker: Prof. Ning Bao
Spring 2023
5/13 Bilayer physics with ultracold dipolar atoms on a 50nm scale Speaker: Li Du
4/22 Programmable patchy particle model with state change for designing robust structures Speaker: Qianze Zhu
4/1 Synchrony Speaker: Boxi Song slides
3/25 How to show magic with random unitaries and random matrix product states Speaker: Liyuan Chen slides
3/18 Using inverse Ising model to tackle protein evolution Speaker: Dianzhuo Wang slides
2/25 How do electrons die in a high temperature superconductor? Speaker: Zhengyan Shi slides
2/18 Optimal transport for collider phenomenology Speaker: Junyi Cheng slides
2/11 Modeling atomic interactions from density functional theory to Gaussian processes Speaker: Yu Xie slides
2/4 Quantum Double Model and Quantum Computation Speaker: Yuanjie Ren slides
Fall 2022
12/3 Introduction to Time Crystals Speaker: Prof. Norman Yao
11/12 Hunting for Neutrinos: Physics, Love and a Place Further Than the Universe Speaker: Miaochen Jin slides
10/29 We Still Don't Know the Name of the Dark Matter We Saw That Day Speaker: Jinzheng Li slides
10/22 Equivariant Neural Network and Machine Learning Molecular Dynamics Speaker: Menghang (David) Wang slides
10/15 Machine Learning and String Theory for Babies Speaker: Yidi Qi slides
10/1 Pedestrian's Intro to Black Hole Info Problem Speaker: Nadie LiTenn slides
9/25 Tweezer Array in Cold Atom Systems Speaker: Mingda Li slides
9/11 Quantum Computing for Babies Speaker: Feng Qian slides
8/13 Introduction to Neutrino Physics Speaker: Miaochen Jin slides