our recent publications


  1. Boosting Neutrino Mass Ordering Sensitivity with Inelasticity for Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillation Measurement
    Santiago Giner Olavarrieta, Miaochen Jin, Carlos A. Argüelles, Pablo Fernández, and Ivan Martínez-Soler
    Feb 2024


  1. Topological quantum computation assisted by phase transitions
    Yuanjie Ren, and Peter Shor
    Oct 2023
  2. Two Watts is All You Need: Enabling In-Detector Real-Time Machine Learning for Neutrino Telescopes Via Edge Computing
    Miaochen Jin, Yushi Hu, and Carlos A. Argüelles
    Oct 2023
  3. Big Bang initial conditions and self-interacting hidden dark matter
    Jinzheng Li, and Pran Nath
    Oct 2023


  1. Measuring Oscillations with A Million Atmospheric Neutrinos
    C. A. Argüelles, P. Fernández, I. Martínez-Soler, and M. Jin
    Oct 2022
  2. New Clues About Light Sterile Neutrinos: Preference for Models with Damping Effects in Global Fits
    J. M. Hardin, I Martinez-Soler, A. Diaz, M. Jin, M. W. Kamp, C. A. Argüelles, J. M. Conrad, and M. H. Shaevitz
    Oct 2022